I am a member of NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers) – the only association for and by organizers. I have made a commitment to follow their ethical guidelines.

As of yet, no standard college degree for professional organizing exists. The industry has been trying to create one for awhile now. Therefore, I created my own major, "Psychology, Communication, and the Organization of Personal Lives," to address the areas of organizing that interest me. I studied family communication, stress management and reduction, human learning, non-verbal communication, and problem-solving groups among others. 

“I work with families who want to simplify their lives by becoming more organized and efficient.” – I specialize in residential organizing – rooms, information, moving/relocation, families, children, and students.

I am here to SERVE. We will work together to create the space that you want. If you tell me what you want/need I will do everything I can to help you get there.

I will NOT judge you. I will be honest, respectful, keep my promises, and keep your information confidential.

While I’m with you, I’ll honor your time, provide a wealth of organizational knowledge and an extra set of hands (which means we’ll go faster than if you went by yourself), while providing some company.